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The giant software and computer company IBM has spent millions to equip and program two computers to play famous games against human. It was a first and it happened. Two of IBM computers have beaten two of the best players in their games, chess, and jeopardy. In some other games, computers are no match to humans, so far. Computers and their derivatives have become humanity most essential non-natural products. This example shows that games are also very important in our life. Games have become a field test for computers and programs. Also we use computers to generate more games and mimic new visions and ideas.

A visit to your local store, like Wal-Mart, would show how important games and toys in our life. Thousands on top of thousands of games and toys are piled up especially during the holiday season. Toys are an essential part of a child growing up. But also games became part of life for all of us. With the wide spread of computers at homes and in the work place, many of the games are computer games that are sold on CDs. We offer our excellent games directly to the player over the Internet, and totally free for all.

In a hot competition between USA and Asian countries like India and China for economical power and higher standard of living, the race will be won by the better educated and sophisticated country. So far, USA has the lead because of the innovation and dedication of people like Steve Jobs and his Apple products. But the key to advances and prosperity is now in everybody’s hand, and that is education and learning. Unfortunately the trend in the USA shows lower scores in the verbal and math parts of SAT test. Our site here is a humble effort to sharpen students’ skills especially in these two mentioned areas. Teachers could use our games to evaluate and compare students speed and scores. Please stay tuned for more entries by our start-up into artificial intelligence, war games, simulation, engineering, stock market games and mobile Apps.

We strive to provide you with unique products and services that you need but otherwise may not have have been able to find. Omar Enterprise is a resource available to anyone seeking to further their own intellectual, artistic, or scientific pursuits. We are specialized in education, testing, and training through interactive games designed by Dr. Omar Minyawi. Dr. Minyawi also offers consulting for businesses dealing with cutting/fitting in 2D to minimize wasted material and/or space.