Here is another game in our series created by Dr. I. M. (omar) minyawi. The EQUALIZER aims at enhancing mental math., decision making, speed, and multi-tasking. All are qualities needed in EDUCATION, TRAINING and DAILY LIFE. Players will enjoy the game and action while sharpening their skills.

You, the player the EQUALIZER need to direct the coming numbers to the left side or to the right side of the equal sign.

The numbers (from 1-25) are random and coming down at constant rate. You can change the speed/rate of the game by adjusting the difficulty level of the game.

If you direct a number to the right side, that number will be added to the total sum on the right side and a new total will show up. And so is the case with the left side. If you do not want to direct a coming number u can press the down arrow key that number will hit the equal sign and disappear.

You get 100 points score every time the equal sign holds true. i.e if you can make the total on the left-hand side equal to the total on the right-hand side.

To toogle sound use the S key or the s letter in the top right corner.

Omar Minyawi
Developed by




[Esc] - Menu





Start new game


Left and right arrow keys
send the falling number to left and right sums
Arrow down - skip the falling number
Esc - back to menu
S - sound on/off