Art By The Numbers

My art is made entirely with mathematical formulas. Mathematical formulas generate data. These data draws the shapes. Depending on what part of the data I choose, I create variation on the original theme. How is this possible that math creates art? Based on most folks' experience with math, it's difficult to conceive of how such a process might occur.

Nature is so beautiful and so artistic in color, form and sound. But behind all this amazing, pleasing to the eye, soul and ears are great math equations that could summarize nature in few symbols. Math initially was developed to describe, count for and understand nature and its endless variations. But humans do not stop there. Tinkering with these math equations scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists are able to create amazing beautiful worlds of their own. These created beautiful images are on the verge of alien worlds. And they appeal to all of us.

First let's start with the concept that math equations can be used to describe or draw simple geometric shapes like circles, polygons, and spirals. Most of us had some experience with this in school. So let's start with a simple, gently-curling spiral that could connect over and over in a fantastic order. The concept of fractal is vivid in nature and is replicated by math art. The fractals in math are pure and continuous while in nature it is interrupted and shortened.

While so far math and number art create abstract or near abstract shapes, I am very sure that with my computer program that I created one after some effort could create shapes and figures close to animals and other creatures. The program is so versatile and adept that it could be used for that purpose. After all we are all “curves”. And this may be our next piece of “ART” or “MATH”? think about it.

Dr. Minyawi developed a computer program, several years ago, that generates data based on a few, changeable parameters. After plotting these data, many symmetric, geometric, artistic shapes and figures resulted. More than 400 different graphics have been generated. Because of the flexible nature of the program, many more pieces of art can be generated. Included in the website is a sample of these shapes. These graphics are good for coloring and decoration, whether on paper or cloth. They could be used for “tiling” by repeating one or more patterns. Logos, T-shirts, and covers for notebooks are just examples of what can be made. If you like any of these figures and wish to use them for commercial purpose, please contact us for licensing!

Other Products

Here are a few extremely fun and hands-on products that allow players ages 9 and above brush up on their math, grammar, vocabulary, and knowledge of various relevant topics.

GeoMath Book

Can be ordered from under ASIN: B004GZYOHU, or directly from Omar Minyawi. Please include check/money order for $9.99 (no shipping fee for orders within the USA) to Books & More / P.O. Box 1291 / Latham, NY 12110 / USA

LetterHead game

Can be ordered from AMAZON.COM under ASIN: B0035ITI5W, or directly from Omar Minyawi. Please include check/money order for $10.99 (no shipping fee for orders within the USA) to Books & More / P.O. Box 1291 / Latham, NY 12110 / USA

Games played using LetterHead set are:

  1. Drop-A-Card
  2. Topics
  3. Coherent
  4. All-You-Can-Make
  5. High-Five
  6. Bigger-Is-Better

NumberHead game

All kinds of fun and challenging activities with a set of cards containing numbers. Some games take several iterations for the best solution. So dad and mom, join in the fun and improve your child’s skills and yours as well.

  • Greeting Cards
  • Black 1
  • Color 1
  • Crazy Zoo

Can be ordered from AMAZON.COM or directly from us.

Coming Soon

T-shirts and Souvenirs with our logo and art work.