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Why Play2Train?

  • Free games for all
  • Our games are designed and programmed by some of the best in the field
  • Education and learning are fun using our site
  • We offer games that have verbal, numerical and shape manipulation concentration
  • Our games are great for students, parents, teachers and seniors
  • Our games could be used to compare students and workers readiness for different tasks. Compare their scores and time after they finish the game
  • A weekly challenge with prizes is coming soon to our site
  • Stay tuned for more fantastic free games
  • Your comments and feedback are appreciated

Welcome to Play2Train

Play2Train.com is a new innovative game company based in the Albany, NY area. Dr. I. M. (Omar) Minyawi initiated the company and games. We are carving a niche for ourselves with games that are fun and aimed at education, training, and testing. We employ college interns, trainees and freelancers with keen sense of games and market. We use the services of an experienced and successful Web-developer. We have plans to expand both on the cyber space and into new countries.


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